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Alex Smith

Monster Minder since 2014


When we asked Alex what her hobbies are she said, “I’m an animator, so I don’t consider it a hobby, rather an investment and personal work.”  When she’s not walking dogs you’ll find her working on cartoons or private animation commissions.  She’s a graduate of Philly’s own UArts and eventually she’d love to work for an animation studio.  She also loves to play video games, read and obviously, watch cartoons/anime.  Previously, she worked at a dog-friendly art supply shop in Center City and she said her favorite part of the day was when people would bring their dogs into the store.

Alex previously shared her life with a sweet Golden Retriever named Monty.  He was a rescue and he was her best friend until his passing.  She hopes to get another dog as soon as her living arrangement (read: landlord) allows it.   Until then, she’s just happy to share the love with the dogs of Philly.  She’s also the go-to gal for friends and neighbors when their pets need pet sitting.  (Naturally.)

You can find Alex Minding Monsters in Bella Vista, Queen Village and Washington Square.

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