Alexander Harris
Monster Minder

Prior to becoming a full-blown dog-professional, you could find Alexander in some of the best kitchens in Philly. (Volver and Serpico to name a few.) While he loved working in fine dining, eventually the industry got the best of him.​ The hours and the hustle are no joke! He has always been the go-to person for friends and family when they need a pet sitter. Eventually, Alexander decided to try dog walking via the national apps and discovered that he loved it. And soon after he wanted to make a living with a company that offered something the national gig apps didn't: consistency, training, and local support. Enter: Team Minder! 

When he's not walking pups, you can find him banging on the drums. He has been in numerous touring bands over the years and has seen the entire country while on band tour. Alexander holds a BA in Electronic Arts - Audio Studies and still does audio engineering on the side.​ He likes to learn about all things gardening, would like to start giving music lessons and hopes to buy a fixer-upper in South Philly in the near future.

You can find him minding monsters in Bella Vista, Washington Square West, Hawthorne and Society Hill.