A roundtable with Mayor Kenney

We’ve been proud members of the Sustainable Business Network for over 11 years. A few weeks ago The Monster Minders owner and founder Carrie Maria, met with Mayor Jim Kenney and other business owners at a Sustainable Business Network round table. (And like the nerd she is, Carrie grabbed a seat in the front row.) Questions and answers ranged everything from our Sanctuary City status to the health of the fish in the Delaware River. As a business we are committed to a sustainable future for Philadelphia. While most people don't think about dog walking as an industry that needs to be "cleaned up," our industry is bogged down with companies hiring independent contractors instead of employees (to

Minder Nikki Adopts a Pup

A few months ago, Minder Shannon found a pup running on the streets of South Philly. The pup was underweight and had matted fur (that had to be shaved off. See below.) Shannon posted her to all of the local boards / shelters and after a few days it became apparent that her old owners were not actively looking for her. Minder Nikki immediately stepped up to foster her and we all knew what was coming. (Because Nikki is an absolute sucker for feisty, little pups.) Nikki named her Chicken and gave her a forever home. We sent Nikki and her wife, Carolyn, a few questions about life with Chicken. Nikki has been pushing for a dog for years, while Carolyn was more hesitant in this regard. I was so ex