Happy 7 Year Minderversary to Minder Nikki!

We would be lost without our fabulous assistant manager Nikki Rockwell. This month marks her seventh year with our company. Things we love about her: * She does a killer icebreaker at staff meetings. Even when staff roll their eyes at yet another icebreaker, by the end of it, everyone is giggling. * She's a invaluable back-up. When we need to leave town for vacation, we leave the business in her capable hands, completely confident that she has it under control. * She is one of the most compassionate people we know. * She appreciates Tevas. (You know you love comfy sandals. Fits like a sneaker, breezy like a flip flop.) * Her clients? What can we say? I'm pretty sure she's practically family

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

I'm not going to do that thing that recipe writers do in which I tell you a story about my Aunt's second cousin's dog who was originally from Switzerland and only ate carrots and peanut butter so she created this recipe for him (and then make you scroll through link ads you'll accidentally click on and curse at.) We made Jax a birthday cake and we thought we should share the recipe with you! We adapted it from a simple one here to shorten the bake time and work with what we already had in the house. And Jax's verdict? Delicious! Goodies Needed for cake: 1 egg 1/4 cup of Peanut Butter 1/4 cup of cooking oil 1 teaspoon of vanilla (Do dogs care about vanilla? I'd say this is optional. It's prob