Why you should obey leash-laws in Philly

This blog post was originally included as an article in the Bella Vista Neighbors Association's Summer 2019 Newsletter. I’m a dog lover. My life revolves around dogs. I make a living working with dogs. As a company we have completed over half a million LEASHED dog walks in the City. And we are HUGE leash advocates. Why? Let’s start with the basics. Dogs are animals. Even if your dog is a wiz at verbal commands, recalls without fail and is and a certified therapy dog, your dog is still an animal. And while you think your dog is predictable, they can be unpredictable, instinctual beings. A car could backfire at just the wrong moment and your dog could bolt into the street. There is a saying in

Rescue Run 5K Registration is OPEN!

Some of our fans may know that we founded The Monster Milers back in 2011. It's a 501c3 volunteer and dog rescue organization that connects Philly runners with homeless pups in shelters for running adventures while the pups await adoption. (And some of the pups get adopted by said runners or become foster homes for our partner shelters.) Our own dog, Jax was a "Miler dog." And our late dog, Lola was the inspiration for the Milers becuase she could run, and run, and run, and run, and then take a drink of water and run some more.​ One day as I was running her I thought to myself, "This would probably be great for shelter dogs too!" And the rest is history. Each year we hold a massive adoption