Christianna LaBuz
Monster Minder 

Prior to being a professional Monster Minder Christianna worked in the live music world as a Programming Director and Talent Buyer. Well, we all know how 2020 went and what happened to the live music scene. She will get back there eventually, but while our music venues remain shuttered, she is going to pursue another passion: dogs. She shares her live with a rescued Yorkie-mix named Jasper. Christianna loves exploring the city with Jasper by her side. They are thick as thieves. 

When she's not walking pups she loves playing disc golf and does it all sorts of weather. (Fun fact: did you know there was "glow golf" for disc golf after the sun goes down? And she has played in the snow and rain. Dedication! She loves it.) Obviously live music is a huge passion for her and the Covid-era has been tough. Christianna can't wait to see live music on stage again. She loves to travel and do all things outdoors. (And she has the gear to prove it.) 

You can find Christianna minding monsters in Old City, Northern Liberties, Chinatown and the Loft District. She helps us with overnight care all over our service area!