Emory McLeod
Monster Minder

Emory is the proud dog mama to Freddie Mercury (pics above)! They are attached at the hip and go everywhere together. Like most dog lovers, she grew up with dogs, but Freddie is her "first" dog. She said she took training very seriously and learned how to have a great relationship with him by setting boundaries and setting him up to succeed. She has always been the go-to walker for her family and friends, both when she was living in NYC and back here in Philly. 

When she's not walking our client's dogs or Freddie, you can find her making art. She loves to create, specifically drawing. Emory also loves music of all kinds and is experimenting with writing music of her own. (Fun fact: she can also design ultra-fancy wedding cakes.)

You can find Emory minding monsters in Passyunk Square, Pennsport and Point Breeze.