Greg Deleo
Monster Minder

Greg joined our team after working for six years at an environmental education camp outside of the City. He lived "at camp" with his pup, Holly (a Bouvier, pictured above.) While at camp he was Lead Teacher and it involved care taking of ALL of the animals. And there were a lot of animals. In addition to taking care of Holly, he looked after donkeys, goats, chickens, turkeys, snakes, a tarantula, and turtles. He LOVED taking care of the animals (even when he was kicked by one of the donkeys.)

After moving into the City (to go back to school) Greg knew he wanted to 1) work outside and 2) spend time with furry friends! We are the perfect fit for his active lifestyle, though I doubt he'll ever need to walk a guinea pig as a Monster Minder. (Stranger things have happened though.)

When Greg is not out and about walking dogs, you can still probably find him outdoors. He loves hiking and swimming and dreams to one day get into non-profit management after he goes back to school. His dream is to open up a camp of his own for at-risk youth. Greg also enjoys movies and a good book.

You can find him minding monsters in Old City, Society Hill, Chinatown and Washington Sq.