Jackie Wechsler
Monster Minder since 2019

Jackie worked at a local doggy daycare before joining The Monster Minders. She loved being around dogs all day (really loved it) but she wanted more one-on-one time and less 20-on-one time. Jackie says that working at a daycare really taught her a ton about dog body language and group dynamics and she's looking forward to applying what she learned to solo adventures.

Emily studied Art and Design at Emily Carr University in Canada. When she's not walking dogs, she is creating. (She actually has a personal goal to create something every single day. It doesn't matter how small.) She works with every medium you can imagine: drawing, sculpting, creative writing, acting, playing music etc. She also loves playing video games, puzzling, playing D&D and other table top games.

You can find Jackie minding monsters in Rittenhouse, Graduate Hospital, Logan and Center City.