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Kerri Thomas
Monster Minder since 2019

Prior to completing her degree at Temple In Geography and Urban Studies, Kerri was a walker for nearly two years at another dog walking service in Philly. Once she graduated she knew she wanted to continue in the field, but was looking for a stable position that was not a contract one! We couldn't be happier to have her. She has tons of experience with dogs and currently spends her life with a 12 year old Border Collie Mix named Widget. (See above.) Widget's hiking days are sadly behind her, but they still love spending her "retirement" sitting in the park and people-watching.

Kerri is currently teaching herself Dutch. Why not? Bedankt! (She wants to better understand her family history and connect with her relatives abroad.) She also loves board games, trying new recipes and crocheting. (She has also participated in our race, The Rescue Run 5k!)

You can find Kerri minding monsters in Point Breeze, Graduate Hospital and Rittenhouse.