Kyle Pedersen
Monster Minder since 2019

Kyle was a dog walker in Richmond before moving to Philly.​ He has lived with dogs for most of his life and his favorite part of working with dogs is winning them over when they are apprehensive at first. (Read: he likes a challenge!) While Kyle doesn't have a dog now, he is the proud owner of Daisy, a cat who acts like a dog. (She begs to be cuddled and she doesn't hesitate to let you know when she needs affection.)

When he's not walking our client's dogs, or following Daisy's orders for snuggles, you can find him listening to music and going to live shows. Kyle also loves reading sci-fi, doing dark-humor cross stitch, and biking. He's also into furniture design. In a previous life, he was the general manager for a popular restaurant in Richmond so he prides himself on his multi-tasking skills and his punctual nature. He loves talking to strangers (grew up in the South and loves to chat) and he might just spend his days talking to dogs if no human-strangers will talk to him. If you see a guy talking about sci-fi to a dog, it's probably Kyle.

You can find Kyle minding monsters in Point Breeze, Grad Hospital, Rittenhouse and Logan Square.