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Lindsay Maria

Owner, Co-Founder, Manager, Minder (Since 2005)


Lindsay was a professional graphic designer in New Zealand when Carrie met him in 2001 (He's the master minder behind The Monster Minders' logo & our print/web media). He's a Kiwi, and DO NOT ask him if he has an Australian accent. (Kiwi pet peeve. And no, the accents - according to Kiwi's - are nothing alike!)  Actually, on second thought, ask him. It's always good for a laugh. Carrie and Lindsay soon decided they had to be together, and wouldn't let the fact at that they lived a world away stop them. Together they hopped from country to country before settling down in Philly and starting The Monster Minders in 2005.  
Lindsay is also a DJ. His biggest gig was The Gathering, a 3-day outdoor electronic music festival with 20,000 people (Stage fright?). In Philly he has DJed at various festivals and bars around town. He has started producing his own music, which is an exciting new step in his musical journey. Lindsay also still dabbles into graphic design work, but he now does it on his own terms. When he’s not walking dogs, you can find him on his laptop scouring the internet for new music or music making gadgets/software or playing video games. He also loves hiking and camping. (He is a wonderful campfire cook! Fruit cobbler over a fire? No problem.)

Fun Fact:  Lindsay once the pet sat for a neighbor in New Zealand when he was growing up. For “payment” the neighbor bought him a Walkman. Lindsay couldn’t believe his luck!  Did that neighbor know that some day Lindsay would make a living doing it full-time? Sadly, the Walkman was given away many years ago, but the excitement is still there.
One of reasons for being one of the co-creators of The Monster Minders (along with the Walkman) may have something to do with his childhood lack of pooches. Whereas Carrie comes from a family obsessed with pets, Lindsay's dad (being the son of a farmer) thought animals belonged on farms, not homes. Lindsay begged for years, and even offered to build and pay for a fence around his parents yard. He did however work at a kennel as a teenager. He was on POOP Patrol!  Revenge comes in many forms. He has literally walked hundreds of dogs since 2005.



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