Lydia Stahl
Monster Minder 

Before becoming a professional dog walker Lydia was in the live theater world. She worked as at stage manager at various venues in and around Philadelphia. When the pandemic hit, her world was turned upside down, but it gave her sometime to think about her next move, and dogs came to mind. (We love it!) She lives in Queen Village with her cat, Mouse and their pup, Ziggy. Ziggy is a VERY energetic rescue who lives for trips to the dog park.

Lydia loves to paint and sketch and would some day love to make a living with her art. And yes, she does pet portraits of course! She also has a green thumb and is quite good at making plant arrangements for planters. She LOVES being outdoors and does everything in her power to spend time outside or in the garden.

You can find Lydia minding monsters in Society Hill, Washington Square West, and Center City.