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McKenna Troast

McKenna moved from a small town in Maine to experience Big City life, but has always been the go-to person for her family and friends' dogs and cats (and chickens and goats.) She was a farm sitter/caretaker so not only is she comfortable with dogs, if any of our clients have an urban goat, she's our gal. She says her friends call her the "dog whisperer" because she connects with every dog she meets.


When she's not exploring Philly with a dog on the other end of the leash you can find her making art. She loves being creative in her free time and at the moment is very into Matisse-inspired collages and crochet.) Baking is another favorite pastime, as is exploring in nature. (We have wildlife in Philly!) She attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.


McKenna joins us for walks in Center City, Washington Square West and Bella Vista.

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