Meagan Rumberger
Monster Minder since 2019

You might notice that most of Meagan's pictures above appear to be in a lovely tropical setting. She lived and worked on an AirBNB property in Puerto Rico for two years until the storm hit. She was the "lead dog handler" for the property and cared for six rescued dogs while there. She said her days involved hiking in the rainforest with pups (and trying to keep them from invading their neighbor's farm.) Meagan grew up with a 150 lb Old English Sheepdog and is the go-to person whenever her friends need a pet sitter. She has experience with all shapes and sizes of pups.

When she's not walking dogs (or changing her hair color) you can find her doing yoga (she's a certified yoga instructor), playing the keyboard and biking around Philly. She and her partner dream of owning land in a warmer locale either in the Caribbean or Central America. (She loved Puerto Rico.)

You can find Meagan minding monsters in Bella Vista, Queen Village, Hawthorne, and Wash West.