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Owen Harris
Monster Minder since 2021

Owen came to us via a client who sent in a glowing recommendation for a family friend that they thought would be a perfect Minder. This particular client has been with us for ten years and they know the caliber of walkers we hire so we took the recommendations seriously. And so glad we did!

Owen is a dog fanatic. His face lights up when he talks about dogs. Previous to being a Minder he had never worked with dogs professionally but shared his life with a rescued shepherd/pit mix who passed shortly before Owen moved to Philly (jersey, above). He also volunteers regularly at Saved Me walking and caring for the adoptable monsters. He currently lives with a veryshy, but HUGE Rottie-mix.

Owen loves exploring, hiking and camping. During the cold months, he loves hitting the slopes! Finding new restaurants in Philly is also a tasty pastime of his.

You can find Owen minding monsters in Rittenhouse, Washington Square West and Bella Vista.