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Patricia Cardoso​
Monster Minder since 2022

Since Patricia was a child she has always shared her life with pets: dogs, cats, and rabbits. For the last 20 years she has been working in an office (and living in Argentina.) In December 2021, she moved to Philly with her partner, her dog (Felipe!) and their cat (Kylie!) Once settled in the city (she loves it!) she thought it made sense to make a career move too, and do what she truly loves - work with animals.

Patricia likes to spend her free time reading, listening to music, watching movies, cooking, walking with Felipe, enjoying outdoors and hiking. She also likes traveling and her perfect vacation is a road trip, traveling through national parks in contact with nature, discovering small towns, and visiting big cities. (Basically any kind of travel!)

Patricia is a HUGE soccer fan, and supports River Plate (Argentina) and now that she's in Philly she's a massive Union fan. She doesn't miss a match! Patricia joins us for walks in Rittenhouse, Logan Square and surrounding neighborhoods. 

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