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Clients will be charged for dog walking services on an automatic basis, every two weeks after services occur. We do not require pre-payment. However, all dog walking clients sign up for automated, e-checking payments through our secure website.  (It's really easy!  Clients do not need online banking to do so.) We do not accept personal checks or cash payments.  Tips are not expected at all, but should a client want to leave a tip, we ask they leave cash in an envelope with the Minders name on it for the Minder to pick up at the time of service.


Free Cancellations: 

Any and all cancellations that come in with more than 5 day’s notice are penalty-free.

If consistent and ongoing cancellations are made, the client may be put into a different price bracket and/or time window so Minders can accommodate other clients. 

Cancellation Policy:  

Visits will be charged in full if canceled less than 48 hours from the start of the walk window. If we arrive at a home to find a dog missing or are turned away, visits will be charged in full. Employees are paid their normal wage for such visits since they were reserving space in their schedule for a walk.

Walks canceled with less than 5 days notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Employees will be paid a majority of this fee for holding space in their schedule.

Oral Medication Fee - $3  


Booking Requirements & Rush Booking Fees

We are available 365 days per year, 7 days per week.  

Weekday Booking Windows: 

We must receive requests for additional visits before office close the day before (5PM). There is no fee for added weekday visits if we get notice prior to 5PM the day before service.

If we get notice AFTER 5PM on the day prior to service, visits will be subject to our “Rush Booking Fee" - $5/visit. 

If visits are requested after 10AM (Same Day) they will be subject to “After 10AM Rush Booking Fee” - $10/visit.


Weekend Booking:  

We must receive requests for additional weekend visits before 12PM on Wednesday. There is no fee for added weekend visits if we get notice prior to Wednesday at noon. 

Visits booked after Wednesday at 12PM will be subject to our “Weekend Rush Booking” -  $10 /visit

Visits booked Same Day (during the weekend) - $15 extra/visit.


Key Policy

Clients agree to provide The Monster Minders with two sets of working keys (unless living in a condo building with a front desk attendant - see below). If only one set of keys are provided, there is a $10 key cutting fee. Please check that both sets of keys work.  Keys are left with us, so that booking can be done quickly over the phone or web for future services.  (We also can provide an awesome locksmith service when our clients lock themselves out of their home - it happens all the time!)  

If a client lives in a building with a concierge we encourage them to leave keys with the front desk. That way, we can always access the pet should the client have an emergency.  


*If services are not booked for a two year period, keys will untagged & destroyed. This is for the security and privacy of clients. If at any time clients need keys back, please call to arrange to pick them up during office hours.


Key Pick-up & Drop-Off Fee - $20

Have new keys? Change locks? We'll pick them up at a time that works for you! You can avoid this fee by dropping keys off to our office. 


Job Sharing/Third Party Entering Home while we are entering your home:

We do NOT allow job sharing or third party entry when our clients head out of town.  (i.e. a neighbor stops by every other day to check on the pets.) Due to liability concerns and the safety of our Minders we cannot allow a third party to enter your home while we are securing your home and minding your monster. For the time that we are contracted to care for the pet and home, we are responsible for any mishaps that occur. We provide our client's with the security of knowing that The Monster Minders are bonded and insured.  A third party entering your home can breach this security making it impossible to know where the liability falls if doors/window are left unlocked/ajar, alarms are left off or tripped, if items are broken or missing, or a pet is improperly cared for. Additionally, it is not safe for our Minders to be entering homes and find themselves “surprised” by other parties.  (NOTE:  We understand that many of our clients have professional house cleaning services. Please let us know what days of the week to expect such services to occur.)


Minimum Visit Requirements when clients are out of town:

At least two visits per day are required for dogs, but we recommend at least three visits (per full day you are away) for dogs. (Three visits per day are required for a dog that is crated.) Our minimum requirements are rooted in our experience as professional pet sitters.  Separation anxiety is eased with frequent service, and you can rest assured that your monster is having a blast while you’re out of town. These requirements are for the mental and physical well being of your monsters.


Severe Weather

In the event that we are faced with severe weather, services may be altered or canceled. You will be notified if such an event occurs. (i.e. During a Hurricane, Blizzard, or any other event when the City of Philadelphia advises people to stay home.)  In the event of heat waves or cold snaps (temps over 100 degrees, or below 15 degrees), time outdoors will be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes for the safety of everyone involved. The remaining visit time will be spent inside playing/snuggling.  For mid-day clients, if you are staying home from work due to severe weather forecasts, please let us know ASAP.    


Snow Storms:  In the event that Philadelphia experiences a Winter Storm, services may be altered to allow for extra travel time.  In most cases, if the School District of Philadelphia is on a delay or canceled, all walks will be shortened to 15-20 minutes to allow for extra travel time to and from clients. When roads become icy, it can take much longer to get from home to home. This way, all monsters will get a brief potty break and it will prevent Minders from running late to monsters in their daily route. (Clients will be notified if this policy goes into effect.)


We suggest that everyone has a trusted neighbor who has access to the home and is familiar with the pets. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we did adhere to the City’s call that all non-essential personnel stay off the roads. Having a trusted neighbor as back-up assures that someone can get to your pets if the City of Philadelphia shuts down due to severe weather.

Bonding and Insurance

We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. Should a client need to see proof of our bonding and insurance information they can ask at any time, or call our insurance company (715) 831-6004.  Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 12:00pm - 4:00pm Central Time


Aggression & Uncontrollable Pets

We hold the right to refuse service if a pet shows any form of human-aggression (towards a Minder, or a stranger on the street). If a client is out of town and a pet shows serious human-aggression, we will complete the service as agreed upon, but we may choose to not offer service in the future.  Please contact a trainer if your pet shows any form of aggression towards humans. This is a serious pet training issue and not one to be overlooked. Also, if a dog is uncontrollable on-leash or pulls excessively, we may also require the use of an alternate halter/leader/collar to make the walking experience safe for both us and the pet. We can handle, and work with, moderate levels of dog-on-dog aggression by keeping your pooch away from other dogs.  However, due to the size/weight of the dog and the seriousness of the aggression, we hold the right to refuse service. We’re happy to work with clients to reinforce walking manners & socialization, but we cannot injure ourselves or put other people/pets in danger in the process.  


Breed Restrictions

Under no circumstances will we discriminate on the grounds of breed. We are happy to work with rescued/rehabilitated dogs that do not pose a risk to the safety of the Minders and others around us.


Second Minder Meeting

If we do not care for your pets for over six months, we may require a subsequent Minder Meeting to get re-aquatinted with your pets and home. This is rooted in our pet care philosophy. This assures the Minder is seen as a “friend” when entering the home, and it assures the best care possible. We may also require a second Minder Meeting if you move into a new home or add a new dog to the family. $25 

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