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A new look, a new website!

We loved our old website. We're DIYers over here at The Monster Minders, so it was hard to let go of it. But we wanted something a bit cleaner and it was time to freshen up after a few years. (New season and all of that jazz.) We're launching it on May 1st, 2015 and we will have some udpates to do in the upcoming weeks. (We still have more Testimonials to transfer over and we need to update the Resouces pages, but we have the framework ready for everyone.) Phew! It took quite a bit of time, but we really dig it. (We hope you do too!)

We're looking forward to more blog integration on the site so check back as we keep you posted about what we're up to.

So we hope you like the new look, but just in case you want to look back - here is the old site.

Old Site.png


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