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Minder Jenna adopts a dog!

Summer can always be a challenging time for our City’s intake shelter, Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT). ACCT is required to take in every stray and surrendered animal. During periods of high intake, it can mean that adoptable dogs are at risk simply because our shelter doesn’t have enough kennels.

Jenna and her partner stepped up a few months ago to foster a sweet dog named Anita. She was suffering from mange (a treatable skin condition that causes hair loss), had just had a litter of puppies before she was abandoned at the shelter (was still lactating), and she also had kennel cough. She really needed a hero and Jenna was there when Anita needed her most. (Photo below is of Anita meeting Jenna's dog, Frannie, at the shelter. Dogs always meet first to make sure they get along before heading home with a foster family!)


Jenna nursed Anita back to health and Jenna's resident monster, Frannie, and Anita became best buddies. Last week Jenna made it official, she was adopting Anita. Check out the smile on Anita’s face on her ride home from the shelter after doing the necessary paperwork. What a difference some love and attention makes:


Our City shelter needs heros like Jenna. Fostering and / or adopting saves two lives - the dog you take home and the dog that can take that place in a kennel at the shelter. To learn more about our City shelter, which handles over 30,000 stray and surrendered pets each year, check out their website. Every minute counts.

Thanks going out to Jenna for opening her heart to rescue.

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