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Minder Eric Wins the Page Davidson Clayton Prize for Emerging Poets!

Eric sent us an email saying, "Though they gave the cover to Arundhati Roy, for some strange reason, I'm in this month's Poets and Writers." (We hope that someday Eric will be on the cover of Poets and Writers.) He was given recognition for his poem, "Smoke" which was featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Michigan Quarterly Review.

Many congrats to Minder Eric for this honor!

From the magazine (July/August 2017):


Page Davidson Clayton Prize for Emerging Poets

MQR Poetry Editor Keith Taylor writes about “Smoke,” which appeared in our Fall 2016 issue,

As the staff looked over the poems by emerging writers that we had published in the last year, Eric Rivera’s “Smoke” stood out. The language is direct, almost unornamented, yet the emotion contained in these few lines — their depiction of the small moral compromises we make for the demands of love — seemed complex, vivid, and very real.

The Page Davidson Clayton Prize was established in 2009 by a generous gift from Meg and Mac Clayton in honor of Mac Clayton’s mother and in support of poetry and the development of new poets. Rivera writes screenplays for animated children’s shows, which have aired on Disney, Nickelodeon, and Gulli (France). He has also written for



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