Reece Staudt
Monster Minder since 2017


Before moving to Center City, Reece worked at a small dog walking and pet sitting service in Bucks County for two years.  While the environment was different, the concept was the same: love pets like your own.​ Over the years Reece has cared for all sorts dogs with special needs: diabetes, separation anxiety, breathing problems, blindness, etc. He has learned that every dog has a different personality, and he finds that to be the most rewarding part of the job. He has loved working with shy dogs and the challenge that comes with winning their trust. When Reece decided to move to the City, he new he wanted to continue working as a dog walker. Reece shares his life with a Lab/Shepard Mix named Cocoa. She has an "outgoing" personality, which means she is SUPER excited to meet everyone and anyone. Reece uses clicker training techniques when training her and has been very successful with them. 

When he's not walking dogs or hanging out with Cocoa, you can find him playing ultimate frisbee, listening to music, reading or seeing musicals.

You can find Reece minding monsters in Point Breeze, Passyunk Square, Washington Square West, and Bella Vista.