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RJ Arey

RJ has over 20 years of experience with the entire spectrum of dogs and his current dog (Teka) has taught him a how to navigate an urban environment with a dog at the other end of the leash. Everything from chicken bones to loud noises can be a surprise. He would always help out with friends or family when the needed a hand with their pups. RJ says, "I recognize that no two dogs are alike and I strive to approach each dog I encounter with the energy, skills and techniques that are best suited to that particular dog." RJ was actually connected with us via an alum Minder (and Manager) who could not speak more highly of his compassion and dedication. Prior to being a walker RJ was a social worker with a Masters from Virginia Commonwealth University. (He was ready for a breather and some work-life balance.)

When RJ isn't exploring Philly with a dog, you can find him digging in the dirt (gardening), or in the kitchen cooking and baking. He also hopes to return to social work practice at some point and incorporate a therapy dog into practice. Until then, he's going to meet all kinds of canine personalities on daily dog walking adventures! This will be wonderful expereince in the meantime.

You can find RJ minding monsters in Point Breeze and Graduate Hospital

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