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Rosie Blackmer
Monster Minder 

Rosie has an eclectic background, from working on a active farm for three years in New Hampshire to being a classroom teacher in the School District of Philadelphia to carpentry. While on the farm she was responsible for caring for the animals, including the "farm dogs" and she has been the go-to pet sitter for family and friends. She has also fostered homeless dogs for Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS.) Rosie has a Master of Arts in Education from Clark University.

She loves, loves, loves the outdoors and hiking with her own pup, a sweet rescued pit-mix named Red (above). You can also find Rosie nestled in a good book (her undergrad degree was in Comparative Literature.) She also enjoys crafting and cooking!

You can find Rosie minding monsters in Rittenhouse, Fitler Square, and Logan Square