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Sara Crosby
Monster Minder since 2020

Prior to becoming a Minder, Sara was working for one of our friendly competitors for two years as a full-time dog walker. When the pandemic mixed everything up, she came over to team Minder. (Her previous employer RAVES about her. We felt half-guilty stealing her.) Sara also worked at a doggy daycare so she has a keen sense of off-leash dog behavior and body language. She brought with her a wealth of professional dog expereince to our crew.

She has a pup of her own named Eevee (small monster above!). (And she takes care of all of her monsters with the same love and care she shows Eevee.) When Sara is not walking monsters she's either dancing, taking dancing classes, or obsessing over her houseplants. (Houseplants can become an obsession. Trust.)

You can find Sara minding monsters in Rittenhouse, Logan Square, Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze.

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