Steph Knast

Monster Minder since 2014


All of our Minders are pretty tough cookies for braving the elements day in and day out and the nature of the job requires them to stay moving at all times.  Steph takes this to an entirely new level.  It’s not stretch to say that she is our first “elite athlete” to join the crew. (And we mean ELITE.) Running and triathlons are her drug of choice and she hopes to “go pro” in the next few years.  For those of you who know running - she has qualified for Boston, multiple times. And winning races isn’t just a pipe dream for her.  (She even has a few corporate sponsors already.) 

Prior to being a Minder she worked as an Activities Coordinator / Recreation Therapist at a senior living facility. (She holds a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Temple) And while she loved the relationships she formed with the residents at the facility, it was hard work (emotionally.) She was ready for a change of pace (quite literally) and new she wanted to have an active job. Ta-da! She became a Monster Minder!

Steph has a rescued pup of her own that she brings on adventures everywhere.  Oh, and she named him “Tri.”  We told you she’s serious about her sport. (Sometimes she puts him in her backpack even though he is clearly too big for that!  See above!) Tri comes along to some of her races to cheer her on. Nothing like a pup cheerleader!  When she’s not walking dogs, swimming, biking, running or racing, you can find her baking.  (She has earned every delicious treat!)

You can find Steph Minding Monsters in Fairmount, Center City, Washington Square West and Society Hill.