Zoe Fuhrman
Monster Minder

Zoe had been doing dog walking on "the apps" for a few years before she decided that ​she was ready to take it to the next level. She LOVED walking dogs and isn't quite ready for the commitment yet and wanted more dog hours in her life. She has a very eclectic work history and was a "Patient Instructor" for Temple for years. Sh was the person that trained medical students how to do specific procedures, from the patient's perspective. (Yeah, that's a thing!) We joke that walking dogs is much nicer than getting poked by inexperienced med students! (We're sure they'll grow up to be GREAT doctors.)

When she's not cuddling puppies, Zoe LOVES to travel and spent a good part of 2018 in South East Asia traveling throughout Thailand, Loas, Cambodia and Vietnam. She plays quizzo every week (team name is "Egg") and she loves hiking and camping. Zoe is also a podcaster!

You can find Zoe minding monsters in Point Breeze, Bella Vista and Passyunk Square.