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Jakub Failing​ (he/him)
Monster Minder since 2022

Jakub is originally from upstate New York, but he now calls Philly home. Although dogs are always at the top of his list (obviously), he is lover of all types of animals. He spent time caring for numerous different types of of animals including large reptiles, birds of prey, and his all time favorite, COWS! Growing up and helping out on his family’s dairy farms, he grew to have a special connection to cows (and loves a cow print. Above for proof!)

Outside of caring for dogs, you can find Jakub working on designing and sewing clothing. He is a self taught clothing designer, and is always working for a new piece of clothing to show off to the world. Most recently, he has been making costumes for local drag queens in the Philly area! When we're not in a worldwide pandemic, Jakub enjoys traveling and seeing new places. He shares his life with a monster named Milo and they can be found wearing matching sets of holiday PJs. (We are here for matching PJs.)

You can find Jakub minding monsters in Rittenhouse, Fitler Square and Bella Vista.

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