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If you think being a stay-at-home dog is all fun and games, think again! Waiting for the mailman, sitting on the couch, and trying not to chew up sneakers can be rough on a pooch. It can lead to bad things. Like actually chewing those sneakers. Or eating the mail. Or the couch! That’s where we come in...  


Since 2005, thousands of Philadelphia dog owners have trusted our team of dog walkers for consistent and compassionate weekly care. We can visit Monday through Friday, or specific days depending on your schedule (i.e. just Monday, Wednesday and Friday), or varied days if your schedule is not consistent week to week. 


We’re your best-friend's back up when you can’t be there. 


20 Minute Visits - Mini Madness

The twenty minute option is great for pups who need a quick potty break and a mini-adventure each day. Heaps of our puppy clients book two of these visits (late morning and mid-afternoon) while they're potty training. Don't worry - we can cram a lot of fun into 20 minutes! In fact, our Minders are fun experts.

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30 Minute Visits - Monster Madness

This is our most popular service with our daily walking clients and a perfect amount of time for a potty break and a great workout. This is our recommended visit for monsters who need a big adventure mid-day.  A Monster Madness visit gets your monster a half-hour adventure one of our trained professionals. Give your pooch something to look forward to while you're away. 

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60 Minute Visits - Major Mayhem

With the Major Mayhem visit, we spend a full hour with your monster.  If we can pack madness into a half hour, imagine what we can do with a full hour! It's just mayhem. It's perfect for dogs who have a lot of energy, special needs to be attended to, or separation anxiety. Perhaps you want your pooch to get an extra long urban trek to Penn’s Landing, or an exhausting play at a local dog park? With this visit, your pooch will receive a ton of attention and affection from one of our trained dog walkers (and will probably need a long nap when we're finished!)

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20 Minute Walks
(Mini Madness)

3-5 Walks per week: $20

1-2 Walks per week: $23

Each Additional Dog: $2

30 Minute Walks
(Monster Madness)

3-5 Walks per week: $23

1-2 Walks per week: $26

Each Additional Dog: $3

60 Minute Walks
(Major Mayhem)

3-5 Walks per week: $40

1-2 Walks per week: $46

Each Additional Dog: $5

  • We do not do “pack” walks. Multi-household walks are not safe in an urban environment, nor can we provide our undivided attention to a pack of dogs. Our focus is on your dog, and your dog alone, for a safe and personalized dog walking experience.

  • We do not utilize independent contractors. Our Minders are employees that are vetted, background checked, trained, offered Paid Time Off, and job security with a local small business. Our company and employees are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

  • Before setting up dog walking services, we'll set up a Minder Meeting to introduce ourselves, meet your dog, and answer any questions you may have. Set up a meeting today!

  • A visit includes feeding, fresh water, walk and/or playtime, training reinforcement and anything your monster needs.

  • Clients can easily view their schedule, request changes, send us messages, and/or update their dog care files all from our custom app. (We also have a traditional portal for folks who prefer to use a computer.) Visit reports (with a super cute photo) are sent after every walk.

  • Managers are on duty during walking hours to assist clients for quick responses during business hours. Contact us today to get started!

  • We require one booked walk each week. This is a safety requirement for our employees so dogs are familiar with our routine. Rates above are based on recurring weekly walks. (To receive the 3-5 walk rate, clients must book three walks on the same days each week.)

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