Join our Award-Winning Crew

We are looking for energetic and trustworthy dog lovers to join our team. We're an award winning team, so we only ask the best of the best to join us. Many of the walkers in Philly are hired as “independent contractors” by national technology corporations trying to cash in on the "gig economy." When joining our crew you become a valued employee (with consistent weekday scheduling, job security, Paid Time Off, workers comp coverage, etc) for a family owned business, based in South Philly. 


We're looking for folks who want to enter (or continue on in) the professional pet care field as a full-time job. Looking for stability while doing something you love? You're in the right place.

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Our crew outside Whole Animal Gym during a training session on recognizing pain in pets.


Happy Hour for Team Minder (Oysters!)



Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Be able to work Monday-Friday 10AM – 4:30PM. Most full time employees complete 9-10 visits per weekday. (Weekend midday walks are also available for extra pay.)

  • Overnight pet sitting is also available for a pay boost. Most of our employees love the staycation nature of overnight sitting. It's like a sleepover. With a dog!

  • Have urban dog handling experience. We're obviously looking for people who are crazy about dogs.

  • Employees must be able to handle the physical requirements of the job. This includes 6+ hours of active walking and getting to and from various client's homes. 

  • Be 21 years or older & willing to undergo a criminal background check.

  • Have exceptional written and verbal skills for interactions with our human clients.

  • Have a willingness to work in sleet, snow, heat waves, and 40 degree rain. Everyday can’t be 70 degrees and sunny.

  • Access to reliable transportation. (Bike, motorcycle, scooter or car.) We have a tight service area, but Minders can expect a 2-5 minute commute between each home/walk. Walking between visits is not economical or practical.

  • Employees must have access to a smartphone. Our staff use our scheduling app throughout the day to let us know walks are in progress and/or completed.

  • Willingness to complete a Pet First Aid & CPR class, participate in ongoing training, and monthly paid staff meetings.

  • All employees must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. We are a 100% vaccinated crew.

The Perks: 
  • Great pay! Make a living doing something that you enjoy!

  • Paid Time Off for all employees. Go on a paid vacation or staycation.

  • Job security and consistent weekday hours as an valued employee, not a gig worker or contractor. Tired of an irregular schedule? There is a better way to be a dog walker!

  • Fresh air, a ton of exercise, and DOGS ALL DAY!

  • Optional Happy Hours & Book Club for Minders that want to get social.

Check out our application form to apply for this position.  

We're nerds.

We took the crew to paint some pottery.