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Our Story

The Monster Minders was founded in 2005 in Bella Vista, Philadelphia. We are a husband-and-wife team, backed up by a crew of stellar Minders who service Center City. Prior to settling in Philly in 2005, we traveled the world. We lived and worked in Europe and New Zealand and saw lots of places in between. But something strange happened while we were backpacking. We always found ourselves walking other people’s dogs. If we knew someone had a dog, we'd ask if we could take them out for a walk. (If we couldn't have a dog of our own, we'd borrow one!) We had dog-friends in England, Honduras, Thailand (yeah, we picked up a dog friend in Thailand), and New Zealand. When we settled in Philly, we had one of those lightning-bolt moments. Clearly we were onto something and we decided to make a living doing something we loved.

Since 2005, we’ve assisted our clients with hundreds of thousands of worry-free workdays. (At least the dog walking part of them!) On our way to becoming Philadelphia’s recognized leaders of dog walking, we’ve accomplished & experienced countless amazing things - from the sheer joy of being awarded Philadelphia magazine’s “Best of Philly® (2006, 2009 & 2013), to sitting on the Mayor's Animal Advisory Committee for the City of Philadelphia, to hearing clients say, “You guys take all the stress away!" We know we have the best job in the world.

We share our lives with Jax (our loyal-but-not-so-bright-crayon-eating Lab/Collie Mix). We always say, “How would we want someone to care for our monster if we had to leave him in someone else’s hands?” From that perspective, we shape & model our practices to care for our clients’ monsters, just as we care forJax - with our entire heart & soul. Upon asking new Minders to join our team, our top question is, “Would we place Jax's life in their hands?” We are proud to say that we have comprised a core team of dog walking professionals that are worthy of Jax.

Our promise to you: Stellar, unbeatable service. Service so good you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us in the first place. 

Meet the Minders

Meet the Minders

Click on the pics to read more about each Minder!

Carrie Maria

Founder & CEO

Lindsay Maria

Founder & New Client Charmer

The Monster Minders are:

  • Insured, bonded, and background checked

  • Trained employees, not independent contractors

  • Three time "Best of Philly®" winners

  • Urban dog walking experts

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Active in local rescue efforts


We're not just dog walkers.

We're The Monster Minders!

Nikki Rockwell
Julie Dull
Garvin Kelly
Jon Taylor

Assistant Manager

Alex Smith

Madison Boyer


Isabel Weiss


Tyler Sheehan

Shannon  Keane

Jakub Failing

Feli and the snow.jpeg

Patricia Cardoso

unnamed (6).jpg

Terra Call


Jasper Sunquist


Emily Pedano

Image-1 (1).jpg

Pamela Bright


Emilie Merritt


Emily Pfeifer


Sara Crosby


Dena Papi

image0 (7).jpeg

Nicolette Santilli

unnamed (11).jpg

Alicia Leech


Clover Hamm

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