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Garvin Kelly

Monster Minder since 2013


If you ask Garvin what his first dog’s name was, he’ll probably blush and tell you it was a sheep dog named “Winnie the Pooh,” followed by a reminder, “I was only four years old when I named him.” He grew up with dogs and has been around them ever since his Pooh-days. We connected with Garvin through Sherman, Minder Erin’s dog (The Husky pictured above.) Garvin is Sherman’s “Uncle” and is friends with the woman who ran the rescue organization that saved Sherman.

When he’s not hanging out with our client's dogs, he’ll be in his darkroom. Garvin is an analog photographer and enjoys spending time in the dark with his enlarger. (Yes, they still make enlargers and film!) He loves shooting abandoned places in Philadelphia and his second favorite subject is the Chesapeake Bay. Garvin is also an antique dealer and collector. He loves going to thrift shops and reselling awesome artifacts he finds.  One day, he hopes to travel the country while buying antiques and documenting it via photography. His motto is that he’s “fighting the throwaway culture.”

You can find Garvin Minding Monsters in Washington Square, Midtown Village and Bella Vista.




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