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Isabel Weiss​
Monster Minder since 2022

Isabel shares her life with Piper, her heeler (who also likes sitting on her.) Like most of our Minders, she naturally became the go-to walker/sitter for friends and family. When it was time to make a career change, it seemed only natural for her to explore professional dog walking.

Isabel has a knack of picking up anything that catches her eye (which is a lot). She works a lot with oils, watercolors, and ceramics and loves to screenprint. A friend gave her a tattoo gun a couple years ago and she's been tattooing since! Self taught, which is kinda frowned upon, but it's been a really fun challenge. Oh and she recently picked up embroidery again. Basically anything she can learn to do with her hands she's into! She's very passionate about food accessibility in cities (specifically Philly and how it's a food desert). She has her own personal garden and would love to figure out how to open a community garden! She's a big beer fan and loves checking out breweries. And anytime she can get out of the city for a good hike with Piper or snowboard trip she's hyped.

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