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Belated Holiday Cheer

Each year we give a little something back to local non-profits and rescue groups on behalf our clients instead of gifts. In the past we have donated to PAWS, Red Paw, MANNA, Street Tails, etc. This year we decided to donate to our intake shelter, Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT). We sent a $1000 donation to ACCT, which handles over 30,000 homeless pets each year. In the last decade, Philly's intake shelter has done a 180 in terms of save rates, and they do so on a shoestring budget compared to other shelters in comparable metro areas. Every dollar counts to ACCT and we're proud of the work their doing! (In full disclosure, I sit on the ACCT Board of Directors.) We also take pride in the silly holiday cards we usually send in December. Clients might remember our "A Christmas Story" card (with Jax's tongue stuck to the flag pole - photoshopped of course!) or our "tin foil hat" cards in which Ned the Cat wondered why our dogs were so paranoid.

This year (pre-baby) we had grand plans of coming up with something equally funny and awesome including our newest (human) monster, Frannie Jo and the canine/feline gang. Well, she came two weeks late, and turned our lives upside down (in the best way) in December. So you know where this is going right?

Needless to say, we didn't get around to mailing holiday cards this year, but we're already thinking about 2016's edition and we kept up our tradition of giving back during the holiday season. We thank you for being awesome clients and urge you to check out all of the great stuff ACCT is doing. We know the donation will be used for the animals who need it most. (And yes, Frannie looks JUST like her Dad.) Thanks and Happy 2016, Carrie, Lindsay & the Minders (And Frannie, Jax, Lola and Ned the Cat)

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