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Staff Event - Escape the 1980's

We try to do fun things with our staff from time to time (that don't involve dog walking) and we ​

​couldn't help but notice the "Escape the 1980's" building on Passyunk Avenue. Maybe you've wondered what it is too! It's a "room escape." Essentially you're "locked" in a room full of clues and you have to figure out how to get out of the room by finding various clues. Normally you're timed on your "escape" and you compete with other teams.

In the Spring, we divided the entire staff into two teams and battled it out. I don't want to give away too many details because that will spoil the fun. The awesome folks at Escape the 1980's allowed us to use their party room while each team took their turn. We ordered pizza and had a blast. (And Frannie, our daughter who was born in December 2015, fell in love with Minder Rich. He held her for over an hour. See below.) Our Minders are awesome! We also learned that Minder Derek is too young to know how to insert a VHS tape into a VCR and that we're all pretty hopeless at aerobics. BE KIND PLEASE REWIND!

I was a bit skeptical, as this was the first "room escape" I've ever done, but we'll be taking our staff to another "room" in 2017. It was AWESOME! If you can get a group of people together, we highly recommend this venue. And there's Drakkar in the bathroom just in case you want to freshen up!

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