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Visiting Timber Creek Dog Park

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Oh, city dog owners. You think we have good dog parks in Center City Philadelphia? Sure. We do. (For a City.) But take a 20 minute drive into New Jersey and be prepared to have your mind blown by Timber Creek Dog Park. We took our pups there for the first time this Summer and I can't believe we've been missing out on this gem.

It's a whopping 128 acres of doggy paradise. Nine of the wooded acres are completely fenced in. Yes, you read that correctly. NINE ACRES. It's almost completely shaded by trees which is perfect in the hot Summer months. The fenced in section is an awesome place to work on recall training in a safe manner for pups who need it.

Two dogs in a pond at Timber Creek Dog Park
Jax and Lola take a dip at Timber Creek Dog Park

Outside of the fenced section you will find tons of criss-crossing trails, one leading to "dog beach" where you are likely to find 10-30 dogs, happily running around in the mud, fetching balls, and diving into the murky pond water. (This is not a good place for you if you're squeamish about mud and grime. Pro Tip: Bring towels for the car! You will go home with a muddy monster.) We didn't know exactly how to find "dog beach" but we simply kept asking the humans (with the wet and happy dogs) if we were heading in the right direction. Just head out on the trails and look for wet dogs. You'll find it.

Two dogs, in a pond at Timber Creek Dog Park
A perfect place for dogs to safely enjoy off-leash adventures.

Timber Creek probably wouldn't be the best place to take a dog-selective or reactive pup simply because there are dogs in every direction . It's like the dog party in "Go Dog Go." (Yes, we have a toddler at home and Go Dog Go is referenced quite a bit.) However if you have a dog that likes to run around like a lunatic with other pups and you aren't scared of a little mud, it doesn't get much better than Timber Creek. It's absolutely going to be on our rotation for dog-outings.

A photo of a children's book about dogs.
Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs...

Go there: Address: 236 Taylor Ave & Chews Landing Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012

(Parking is plentiful. And there is a playground for human children too!)

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