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Happy 7 Year Minderversary to Minder Nikki!

We would be lost without our fabulous assistant manager Nikki Rockwell. This month marks her seventh year with our company.

Things we love about her:

* She does a killer icebreaker at staff meetings. Even when staff roll their eyes at yet another icebreaker, by the end of it, everyone is giggling.

* She's a invaluable back-up. When we need to leave town for vacation, we leave the business in her capable hands, completely confident that she has it under control.

* She is one of the most compassionate people we know.

* She appreciates Tevas. (You know you love comfy sandals. Fits like a sneaker, breezy like a flip flop.)

* Her clients? What can we say? I'm pretty sure she's practically family to most of them.

If you see her around town, give her a high five!

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