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EPIC Staff Scavenger Hunt through Philadelphia

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In late October Manager Nikki put together an epic scavenger hunt for our employees all over the city. 12 of us zoomed around Philly on an adventure that included: poop bag dispersers, hidden tennis balls at a dog park, Philly-famous filming locations ("I see dead people!"), hundreds of glow sticks, and Gritty.

We have the BEST crew of dog walkers and are so grateful for Nikki’s creativity and dedication to our giggles.

Curious about the outcome?

Yellow team won (Carrie, Zoe, Kerri and Kyle) even though the green team tried to cheat! (Lindsay, Sarah, Emily) by following yellow team to a clue they couldn't figure out. And the red team took a wrong turn and skipped the last two clues and came right to the bar. (Good effort Alex, Julie, Cai and Meagan. Your costumes were on point!)

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