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Mask-for-donation raises $860 for PAWS

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

I'm not going to lie, in the early weeks of the shutdown - my mental health took a huge hit. It felt like ongoing devastation. I was wrecked due to not knowing what the next few weeks would hold, trying to figure out how to be a good leader for our staff, and trying to navigate the various roads ahead of us when no one had a roadmap for a pandemic and no path seemed like a good one. The Monster Minders is like my first child. We've nurtured this business for 15 years and while we're firm believers in the science-based approach PA took, it was still awful to watch everything crumble. In times like this, I turn to one of my calming activities: sewing.

I simply started making masks for staff. Even though we weren't walking (and wouldn't grab a client's leash for nearly another three months), the mama-bear in me wanted them all to be protected. I started mailing masks to any Minder that needed them. And then we decided to open it up to clients. For any client that would make a $15 donation to PAWS, I'd make and ship them a mask. I made oodles of masks for clients and their loved ones and they in turn, our clients donated $860 to PAWS. (And counting.)

We're not done with this pandemic yet, and I continue to make masks for people that need them.

If you want a mask, it's simple. Make a $15 donation to PAWS, email us the donation receipt email, and I'll get stitching. PAWS continues to do the good work, saving thousands of homeless monsters each year. And they need us now more than ever!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the program!

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