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Practical Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

​​Winter is coming to Philadelphia. Here are some quick tips for keeping your monster safe!

Protect those paws:

Slushy, icy and salty sidewalks in Philly can be a nightmare for sensitive paws. Consider using topical products specifically formulated for paw protection or grab a pair of booties for your dog. (And be sure to have your phone ready to get video of your pups first steps in booties. Trust us.)

Clean those paws:

After a walk on salty sidewalks, consider wiping down paws with a damp paper towel or paw wipes to remove chemical residue that can lead to irritation.

Limit exposure for older and younger pups:

Just like with humans, the old and the young are sensitive to temperature extremes (in either direction.) During cold snaps, limit time outdoors and replace it with active time indoors. (Hallway fetch, treat puzzles, hiding games are a favorite.)

Make a fashion statement:

We need zero motivation to dress up dogs, so throw a hoodie on your pup, grab a statement sweater or a practical jacket. If you use a harness, make sure that harnesses are fitted correctly in conjunction with clothing. Our preference is to put harnesses UNDER jackets. Jackets / hoodies with harness holes are the safest option (vs. placing harnesses over jackets, which can lead to slippage.)

Grooming tips:

Don’t wash your dogs too often in the Winter months. Bathing removes natural oils that keep your dog warmer and prevent dry skin. Talk to your vet about an appropriate grooming schedule if you have questions.

Beware of holiday dangers:

More dogs go missing on holidays than any other day of the year. (Due to parties, guests in the home, etc.) Keep ID tags on your dog 24/7 AND make sure their microchip is up to date. If door-dashing is a concern, keep your pets in a separate room while guests arrive and leave!

So let's hunker down and get through this Winter Philadelphia! It doesn't take much to keep our pups safe until those Spring flowers start popping again.

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