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Monster Milers in the news

The 501c3 dog rescue organization (The Monster Milers) we founded has been featured in Philadelphia magazine this month! (The Monster Milers pairs adoptable dogs at local animal shelters with volunteer runners for running adventures while they await adoption.)

Caroline Cunningham joined our running group earlier in the Summer for a group run from Philadelphia Runner with Babe, an adoptable pup from Street Tails Animal Rescue. (Babe was adopted a few days after this run took place!)

She says, "I’ll be the first to admit that I take a pretty selfish approach to running. I want to set my own pace. I have a weird habit of always needing to be two steps in front of whoever’s beside me. I want to run when I want to run — first thing in the morning, before I’ve eaten anything.

So, yeah, I’m not exactly running-group material. But that didn’t stop me from joining a free Sunday fun run with the Monster Milers midway through my training for this year’s Broad Street Run. After all, this running group involves dogs — adoptable ones, taken out of shelters for jogs by good-hearted volunteers who want to make sure the pups get exercise and exposure to the community while they wait to get adopted. (The Milers also provide foster homes for dogs.)" read more.

Thanks to Philadelphia magazine for the lovely write up and to all of the volunteers who put in the miles for the pups who need us most!

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