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A Philly dog travels to Beaver Island

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a tiny cabin, on a tiny remote island in the middle of Lake Michigan. We would go for a few weeks every Summer and spend our days in the refreshing (freezing) lake and our evenings roasting s'mores under 10PM sunsets. Very hard to get to, and with absolutely nothing to do, Beaver Island remains my favorite place on earth decades later. That tiny cabin is now owned jointly by our family, my brothers, Aunt and cousins. I consider it my second home. (I even went to a township meeting this past year.)

It's heaven on earth for a city dog like Jax too.

Here are just a few pictures from our 2023 adventures in Michigan.

A girl and a dog, walking on Beaver Island
Fran and Jax go for a walk along a gravel road. (Most of the roads on the island are gravel.)

 A dog jumps a log on Beaver Island
If you can't go under it, you must go over it. (Jax on the Kuebler Trail.)

A family hikes on the beach on Beaver Island
There isn't much to do when it rains, so we put on raincoats and go on soggy hikes!

A dog relaxes on Donegal Bay on Beaver Island
As he gets older, he spends less time swimming and more time laying in the warm sand. As it should be!

A family with a dog on the Emerald Isle on the way to Beaver Island
Jax doesn't even mind the two-hour ferry. (He doesn't love the boat horn though!)

A tribute to a dog on Beaver Island
Nellie was a constant on Donegal Bay and we absolutely loved this tribute to her. Zoom in to read the lovely text.

A dog with a sandy nose relaxes on Donegal Bay
Is there anything better than a sandy nose? Nope!

Vacations are just better with dogs. Where do you love to take your dog?

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