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Oh yeah, we turned 10.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

We turned 10! And didn't throw a party. (Worst business owners EVER.)

Ok, so we have an excuse. I'm pregnant, lots of life changes this season, rada, rada, rada. But we are excited about this milestone for The Monster Minders. In some ways it doesn't seem real that we've been at this for ten years and in other ways, I can't imagine our lives without The Monster Minders. Any many business owners will tell you that it's life-consuming at times, but rewarding.

We started with a simple post on Craigslist, which was supposed to help pay for grad school. And a few weeks later I found myself saying, "Do I REALLY want to sign more student loans? Maybe I'll just do this for a while." And the rest is history. When people ask how we got started, we always say we're "accidental entrepreneurs" and we learned as we went along. It's not that we don't love what we do; it was just a happy accident.

How have we been doing this for a decade? Time flies!

We traveled a lot after college, backpacking our way around the world and working where we could. But we always managed to walk dogs. In England, in New Zealand, and we even hiked with stray dog for three days in Thailand. But the thought of making a LIVING doing it didn't even cross our minds until we moved to Philly back in 2005. So much has changed in ten years. We've built a dog walking business we're proud of, we've completed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dog walks, we've built a team of employees that are the best in the City. And we DO want to celebrate the last decade.

So, look for an 11 year party from us next Summer. (Read: After we get this parenting thing under our belts.) Because really, ten is pretty generic. Everyone does that. And we're not everyone. We're The Monster Minders.

Check out some pics from our first year back in 2005. (Oh we were so young! Babies!) These dogs are some of the FIRST clients we ever had. We are forever grateful for their trust in us!

A girl walks a dog in Center City Philadelphia
Millie and Carrie - she was the first pit-mix to steal my heart

A dog walker with a Bouvier dog in Queen Village Philadelphia
Lindsay and "Big Gus"

A dog walker and a puppy mastiff in Philadelphia
Lindsay and Duke (before Duke was a 120-lb Mastiff.)

A dog walker with two Dobermans in South Philadelphia
Baby Carrie with Remy and Sage - the smartest, most lovable Dobbies you would ever meet.

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