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Mini Minder on the way!

Many of our clients already know this, but we're expending the family, and it's not another dog!

My "guess date" is November 19th and right now we're just waiting. (Which is a very weird thing!) Manager Nikki is all set up and ready to take over when we make the call. We keep telling ourselves that having dogs for ten years will prep us for parenthood, but who are we kidding? I think potty training a dog has to be 10 times easier than potty training a human. (And dogs don't ever become teenagers!)

We're excited and we can't wait introduce everyone to her! While Lindsay and I take some family leave, The Monster Minders will keep on trucking (with Nikki as the captain) and then we figure out how to manage a business and manage a baby. (There are no office hours with babies, huh?)

And people are asking us, "Do you think the dogs know?" Honestly, we have NO idea. We're doing our best to read up on bringing a baby into the mix. Paws crossed. (I've always said Lola has a very strong maternal instinct. She just doesn't really understand that the stroller is not for her!)

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