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Minder Training - Spotting and Treating Pain

We love offering our employees a chance to learn more about dogs. We spend all day with dogs, but there is ALWAYS more to learn. Ongoing education for our staff allows us to offer our clients a better service and keeps us on top of our game! Thankfully, WAG (Whole Animal Gym) sees the benefit of ongoing training too and offered to host our entire staff for a presentation on spotting and treating pain in pets.

​What is WAG? WAG is "Philly's first & finest specialized veterinary care facility focusing on rehabilitation, pain management & fitness." We took our late dog, Max there for hydrotherapy and PT when he started losing mobility in his back legs, so we know first hand how beneficial their services can be.

What did we learn? Heaps! They provided us with awesome videos and slide comparisons to review how a dog might act if he/she was experiencing pain vs. fear (the presentation could be very similar in terms of behavior.) This will allow us to let clients know if we spot something that concerns us. WAG's staff shared with us tips for arthritis management and what to do / what not to do when a dog is in pain. It was really informative! Thanks going out to WAG for an awesome morning!

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