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Covid Update - Nov 2020

Safety first is a core value here at The Monster Minders and yesterday the City of Philadelphia announced that their “Safer at Home” guidelines are going into effect on Friday, Nov 20th. The restrictions are much like what the City operated under in June and July and our service is allowed to remain active during this time. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and the safety of our staff and clients is at the forefront of our minds during these last few months of the pandemic. (Just a bit longer folks! Mask up and come apart so we can come together again. And like Fauci says, the cavalry is coming.)

We’re still providing compassionate and safe dog walks, and are looking forward to normal times ahead. We will continue to look to the CDC and city and state recommendations for mitigating the spread. If you have any questions about our Covid protocols, we’re here and happy to chat.

(Photo of a sleepy Winston for cuteness.)

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